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Telephonic reading service.

(1)(a) The director shall provide access to a telephonic reading service for blind persons and persons with disabilities.
(b) The director shall establish criteria for eligibility for blind persons and persons with disabilities who may receive the telephonic reading services. The criteria may be based upon the eligibility criteria for persons who receive services established by the national library service for the blind and print disabled of the library of congress.
(2) The director may enter into contracts or other agreements that he or she determines to be appropriate to provide telephonic reading services pursuant to this section.
(3) The director may expand the type and scope of materials available on the telephonic reading service in order to meet the local, regional, or foreign language needs of blind or visually impaired residents of this state. The director may also expand the scope of services and availability of telephonic reading services by current methods and technologies that may be developed. The director may inform current and potential patrons of the availability of telephonic reading services through appropriate means, including, but not limited to, direct mailings, direct telephonic contact, and public service announcements.
(4) The director may expend moneys from the business enterprises revolving account accrued from vending machine sales in state and local government buildings, as well as donations and grants, for the purpose of supporting the cost of activities described in this section.


Findings2003 c 409: See note following RCW 74.18.010.
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