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Short titlePurposeEntitlement not granted1999 c 267 §§ 10-26.

Sections 10 through 26, chapter 267, Laws of 1999 may be referred to as the homeless youth prevention, protection, and education act, or the HOPE act. Every day many youth in this state seek shelter out on the street. A nurturing nuclear family does not exist for them, and state-sponsored alternatives such as foster homes do not meet the demand and isolate youth, who feel like outsiders in families not their own. The legislature recognizes the need to develop placement alternatives for dependent youth ages sixteen to eighteen, who are living on the street. The HOPE act is an effort to engage youth and provide them access to services through development of life skills in a setting that supports them. Nothing in sections 10 through 26, chapter 267, Laws of 1999 shall constitute an entitlement.


FindingsIntentSeverability1999 c 267: See notes following RCW 43.20A.790.
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