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Family preservation servicesEligibility criteria.

(1) Family preservation services may be provided to children and their families only when the department has determined that without intervention, the child faces a substantial likelihood of out-of-home placement due to:
(a) Child abuse or neglect;
(b) A serious threat of substantial harm to the child's health, safety, or welfare; or
(c) Family conflict.
(2) The department need not refer otherwise eligible families and family preservation services need not be provided, if:
(a) The services are not available in the community in which the family resides;
(b) The services cannot be provided because the program is filled to capacity;
(c) The family refuses the services; or
(d) The department or the service provider determines that the safety of a child, a family member, or persons providing the services would be unduly threatened.
(3) Nothing in this chapter shall prevent provision of family preservation services to nonfamily members when the department or the service provider deems it necessary or appropriate to do so in order to assist the family or the child.
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