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Implementation of chapters 13.32A and 13.34 RCW.

(1) The department shall oversee implementation of chapter 13.34 RCW and chapter 13.32A RCW. The oversight shall be comprised of working with affected parts of the criminal justice and child care systems as well as with local government, legislative, and executive authorities to effectively carry out these chapters. The department shall work with all such entities to ensure that chapters 13.32A and 13.34 RCW are implemented in a uniform manner throughout the state.
(2) The department shall develop a plan and procedures, in cooperation with the statewide advisory committee, to insure the full implementation of the provisions of chapter 13.32A RCW. Such plan and procedures shall include but are not limited to:
(a) Procedures defining and delineating the role of the department and juvenile court with regard to the execution of the child in need of services placement process;
(b) Procedures for designating department staff responsible for family reconciliation services;
(c) Procedures assuring enforcement of contempt proceedings in accordance with RCW 13.32A.170 and 13.32A.250; and
(d) Procedures for the continued education of all individuals in the criminal juvenile justice and child care systems who are affected by chapter 13.32A RCW, as well as members of the legislative and executive branches of government.
There shall be uniform application of the procedures developed by the department and juvenile court personnel, to the extent practicable. Local and regional differences shall be taken into consideration in the development of procedures required under this subsection.
(3) In addition to its other oversight duties, the department shall:
(a) Identify and evaluate resource needs in each region of the state;
(b) Disseminate information collected as part of the oversight process to affected groups and the general public;
(c) Educate affected entities within the juvenile justice and child care systems, local government, and the legislative branch regarding the implementation of chapters 13.32A and 13.34 RCW;
(d) Review complaints concerning the services, policies, and procedures of those entities charged with implementing chapters 13.32A and 13.34 RCW; and
(e) Report any violations and misunderstandings regarding the implementation of chapters 13.32A and 13.34 RCW.


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Effective dateSeverability1979 c 155: See notes following RCW 13.04.011.
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