Chapter 73.04 RCW



73.04.010Pension papersFees not to be charged.
73.04.020Pension papersFees not to be chargedPenalty.
73.04.030Discharges recorded without chargeExemption from public disclosureFee.
73.04.040Discharges recorded without chargeCertified copy as proof.
73.04.042Honorable discharge recordedVeterans of Spanish-American War and World War I.
73.04.050Right to peddle, vend, sell goods without licenseLicense fee on business established under act of congress prohibited.
73.04.060Right to peddle, vend, sell goods without licenseIssuance of license.
73.04.070Meeting hall may be furnished veterans' organizations.
73.04.080Meeting place rental may be paid out of county fund.
73.04.090Benefits, preferences, exemptions, etc., limited to veterans subject to full, continuous military control.
73.04.115Free license plates for surviving spouses or surviving domestic partners of deceased prisoners of war.
73.04.120Documents available for freeWho may request.
73.04.130Veteran estate management programDirector authorityCriteria.
73.04.131Veteran estate management programDefinitions.
73.04.135Veteran estate management programClaims against veteran's estateAccount created.
73.04.140GuardiansDepartment officers and employees prohibited.
73.04.150Joint committee on veterans' and military affairs.
73.04.160Veterans' history awareness monthCommemoration of contributions of veterans.


Department of veterans affairs: Chapter 43.60A RCW.
Veterans classified as resident students: RCW 28B.15.014.