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Violation or revocation of furloughAuthority of secretary to issue arrest warrantsEnforcement of warrants by law enforcement officersAuthority of probation and parole officer to suspend furlough.

The secretary may issue warrants for the arrest of any prisoner granted a furlough, at the time of the revocation of such furlough, or upon the failure of the prisoner to report as designated in the order of furlough. Such arrest warrants shall authorize any law enforcement, probation and parole or peace officer of this state, or any other state where such prisoner may be located, to arrest such prisoner and to place him or her in physical custody pending his or her return to confinement in a state correctional institution. Any state probation and parole officer, if he or she has reasonable cause to believe that a person granted a furlough has violated a condition of his or her furlough, may suspend such person's furlough and arrest or cause the arrest and detention in physical custody of the furloughed prisoner, pending the determination of the secretary whether the furlough should be revoked. The probation and parole officer shall report to the secretary all facts and circumstances and the reasons for the action of suspending such furlough. Upon the basis of the report and such other information as the secretary may obtain, he or she may revoke, reinstate, or modify the conditions of furlough, which shall be by written order of the secretary. If the furlough is revoked, the secretary shall issue a warrant for the arrest of the furloughed prisoner and his or her return to a state correctional institution.
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