Chapter 72.64 RCW



HTMLPDF 72.64.001Definitions.
HTMLPDF 72.64.010Useful employment of prisonersContract system barred.
HTMLPDF 72.64.020Rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 72.64.030Prisoners required to workPrivate benefit of enforcement officer prohibited.
HTMLPDF 72.64.040Crediting of earningsPayment.
HTMLPDF 72.64.050Branch institutionsWork camps for certain purposes.
HTMLPDF 72.64.060Labor camps authorizedType of work permittedContracts.
HTMLPDF 72.64.065Industrial insuranceApplication to certain inmatesPayment of premiums and assessments.
HTMLPDF 72.64.070Industrial insuranceEligibility for employmentProcedureReturn.
HTMLPDF 72.64.080Industrial insuranceDuties of employing agencyCostsSupervision.
HTMLPDF 72.64.090Industrial insuranceDepartment's jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 72.64.100Regional jail campsAuthorizedPurposesRules.
HTMLPDF 72.64.110Contracts to furnish county prisoners confinement, care, and employmentReimbursement by countySheriff's orderReturn of prisoner.
HTMLPDF 72.64.150Interstate forest fire suppression compact.
HTMLPDF 72.64.160Inmate forest fire suppression crewsClassificationGratuity/wage.
HTMLPDF 72.64.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Contract system barred: State Constitution Art. 2 s 29.
Correctional industries: Chapter 72.60 RCW.
Labor prescribed by the indeterminate sentence review board: RCW 9.95.090.