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Security threat groupsInformation collection.

(1) The department may collect, evaluate, and analyze data and specific investigative and intelligence information concerning the existence, structure, activities, and operations of security threat groups and the participants involved therein under the jurisdiction of the department. The data compiled may aid in addressing violence reduction, illegal activities, and identification of offender separation or protection needs, and may be used to assist law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in developing evidence for purposes of criminal prosecution upon request.
(2) The following security threat group information collected and maintained by the department shall be exempt from public disclosure under chapter 42.56 RCW: (a) Information that could lead to the identification of a person's security threat group status, affiliation, or activities; (b) information that reveals specific security threats associated with the operation and activities of security threat groups; and (c) information that identifies the number of security threat group members, affiliates, or associates.
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