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Supervision of sex offendersPublic safetyPolicy for release plan evaluation and approvalImplementation, publicizing, noticeRejection of residence locations of felony sex offenders of minor victimsNoticeSupervised visitation considerations.

(1) In making all discretionary decisions regarding release plans for and supervision of sex offenders, the department shall set priorities and make decisions based on an assessment of public safety risks.
(2) The department shall have a policy governing the department's evaluation and approval of release plans for sex offenders. The policy shall include, at a minimum, a formal process by which victims, witnesses, and other interested people may provide information and comments to the department on potential safety risks to specific individuals or classes of individuals posed by a specific sex offender. The department shall make all reasonable efforts to publicize the availability of this process through currently existing mechanisms and shall seek the assistance of courts, prosecutors, law enforcement, and victims' advocacy groups in doing so. Notice of an offender's proposed residence shall be provided to all people registered to receive notice of an offender's release under RCW 72.09.712(2), except that in no case may this notification requirement be construed to require an extension of an offender's release date.
(3)(a) For any offender convicted of a felony sex offense against a minor victim after June 6, 1996, the department shall not approve a residence location if the proposed residence: (i) Includes a minor victim or child of similar age or circumstance as a previous victim who the department determines may be put at substantial risk of harm by the offender's residence in the household; or (ii) is within close proximity of the current residence of a minor victim, unless the whereabouts of the minor victim cannot be determined or unless such a restriction would impede family reunification efforts ordered by the court or directed by the department of social and health services. The department is further authorized to reject a residence location if the proposed residence is within close proximity to schools, child care centers, playgrounds, or other grounds or facilities where children of similar age or circumstance as a previous victim are present who the department determines may be put at substantial risk of harm by the sex offender's residence at that location.
(b) In addition, for any offender prohibited from living in a community protection zone under RCW 9.94A.703(1)(c), the department may not approve a residence location if the proposed residence is in a community protection zone.
(4) At the time of providing notice of a sex offender's proposed residence as provided in subsection (2) of this section, the department shall include notice that a victim or immediate family member of a victim may request that the offender refrain from contacting him or her as a condition of the offender's community custody if that condition is not already provided by court order.
(5) When the department requires supervised visitation as a term or condition of a sex offender's community placement under RCW 9.94B.050(6), the department shall, prior to approving a supervisor, consider the following:
(a) The relationships between the proposed supervisor, the offender, and the minor;
(b) The proposed supervisor's acknowledgment and understanding of the offender's prior criminal conduct, general knowledge of the dynamics of child sexual abuse, and willingness and ability to protect the minor from the potential risks posed by contact with the offender; and
(c) Recommendations made by the department of social and health services about the best interests of the child.


Reviser's note: 2005 c 436 § 6 (an expiration date section) was repealed by 2006 c 131 § 2.
Effective date2009 c 28: See note following RCW 2.24.040.
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