Chapter 72.05 RCW



72.05.010Declaration of purpose.
72.05.130Powers and duties of department"Close security" institutions designated.
72.05.150"Minimum security" institutions.
72.05.152Juvenile forest campsIndustrial insurance benefits prohibitedExceptions.
72.05.154Juvenile forest campsIndustrial insuranceEligibility for benefitsExceptions.
72.05.160Contracts with other divisions, agencies authorized.
72.05.170Counseling and consultative services.
72.05.200Parental right to provide treatment preserved.
72.05.210Juvenile court lawApplicabilitySynonymous terms.
72.05.310Parental schoolsPersonnel.
72.05.400Operation of community facilityEstablishing or relocatingPublic participation requiredSecretary's duties.
72.05.405Juveniles in community facilityInfraction policyReturn to institution upon serious violationDefinitions by rule.
72.05.410Violations by juveniles in community facilityToll-free hotline for reporting.
72.05.415Establishing community placement oversight committeesReview and recommendationsLiabilityTravel expensesNotice to law enforcement of placement decisions.
72.05.420Placement in community facilityNecessary conditions and actionsDepartment's duties.
72.05.425Student records and informationNecessary for risk assessment, security classification, and proper placementRules.
72.05.430Placement and supervision of juveniles in community facilityMonitoring requirementsCopies of agreements.
72.05.435Common use of residential group homes for juvenile offendersPlacement of juvenile convicted of a class A felony.
72.05.440Eligibility for employment or volunteer position with juvenilesMust report convictionsRules.
72.05.450Use of restraints on pregnant youth in custodyAllowed in extraordinary circumstances.
72.05.451Use of restraints on pregnant youth in custodyProvision of information to staff and pregnant youth in custody.
72.05.460Youth adjudicated/sentenced by tribal courtDepartment may provide residential custody services in state juvenile rehabilitation facilityContract between department and tribe.


Children with disabilities, parental responsibility, order of commitment: Chapter 26.40 RCW.
Council for children and families: Chapter 43.121 RCW.
Educational programs for residential school residents: RCW 28A.190.020 through 28A.190.060.
Employment of dental hygienist without supervision of dentist authorized: RCW 18.29.056.
Financial responsibility for cost of detention of minor: RCW 13.16.085.
MinorsMental health services, commitment: Chapter 71.34 RCW.
Placement of person convicted as an adult for a felony offense committed under the age of eighteen: RCW 72.01.410.
Uniform interstate compact on juveniles: Chapter 13.24 RCW.