Chapter 72.01 RCW



HTMLPDF 72.01.010Powers and duties apply to department of social and health services, department of children, youth, and families, and department of correctionsJoint exercise authorized.
HTMLPDF 72.01.042Hours of labor for full time employeesCompensatory timePremium pay.
HTMLPDF 72.01.043Hours of labor for full time employeesCertain personnel excepted.
HTMLPDF 72.01.045Assaults to employeesReimbursement for costs.
HTMLPDF 72.01.050Secretary's powers and dutiesManagement of public institutions and correctional facilities.
HTMLPDF 72.01.060Chief executive officersAppointmentSalariesAssistants.
HTMLPDF 72.01.090Rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 72.01.110Construction or repair of buildingsContracts or inmate labor.
HTMLPDF 72.01.120Construction or repair of buildingsAward of contracts.
HTMLPDF 72.01.130Destruction of buildingsReconstruction.
HTMLPDF 72.01.140Agricultural and farm activities.
HTMLPDF 72.01.150Industrial activities.
HTMLPDF 72.01.180DietitianDutiesTravel expenses.
HTMLPDF 72.01.190Fire protection.
HTMLPDF 72.01.200Employment of teachersExceptions.
HTMLPDF 72.01.210Institutional religious coordinatorsAppointmentQualifications.
HTMLPDF 72.01.212Institutional religious coordinatorsLiability insuranceRepresentation by attorney general in civil lawsuits.
HTMLPDF 72.01.220Institutional religious coordinatorsDuties.
HTMLPDF 72.01.230Institutional religious coordinatorsOffices, chapels, supplies.
HTMLPDF 72.01.240Supervisor of religious coordinators.
HTMLPDF 72.01.260Outside ministers not excluded.
HTMLPDF 72.01.270Gifts, acceptance of.
HTMLPDF 72.01.280Quarters for personnelCharges.
HTMLPDF 72.01.282Quarters for personnelDeposit of receipts.
HTMLPDF 72.01.290Record of patients and inmates.
HTMLPDF 72.01.300Accounting systems.
HTMLPDF 72.01.310Political influence forbidden.
HTMLPDF 72.01.320Examination of conditions and needsReport.
HTMLPDF 72.01.365Escorted leaves of absence for inmatesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 72.01.370Escorted leaves of absence for inmatesGrounds.
HTMLPDF 72.01.375Escorted leaves of absence for inmatesNotification of local law enforcement agencies.
HTMLPDF 72.01.380Leaves of absence for inmatesRulesRestrictionsCosts.
HTMLPDF 72.01.410Placement of person convicted as an adult for a felony offense committed under the age of eighteen.
HTMLPDF 72.01.412Eligibility for community transition services.
HTMLPDF 72.01.415Offender under eighteen confined to a jailSegregation from adult offenders.
HTMLPDF 72.01.430Transfer of equipment, supplies, livestock between institutionsNoticeConditions.
HTMLPDF 72.01.450Use of facilities, equipment and personnel by school districts and institutions of higher learning authorized.
HTMLPDF 72.01.452Use of facilities, equipment and personnel by state agencies, counties, cities or political subdivisions.
HTMLPDF 72.01.454Use of facilities by counties, community service organizations, nonprofit associations, etc.
HTMLPDF 72.01.458Use of files and records for courses of education, instruction and training at institutions.
HTMLPDF 72.01.460Lease of lands with outdoor recreation potentialRestrictionsUnlawful to use posted lands.
HTMLPDF 72.01.480Agreements with nonprofit organizations to provide services for persons admitted or committed to institutions.
HTMLPDF 72.01.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Center for research and training in intellectual and developmental disabilities, director as member of advisory committee: RCW 28B.20.412.
Counties may engage in probation and parole services: RCW 36.01.070.
Disposition of property of deceased inmate of state institution: RCW 11.08.101, 11.08.111, and 11.08.120.
Employment of dental hygienist without supervision of dentist authorized: RCW 18.29.056.
Out-of-state physicians, conditional license to practice in conjunction with institutions: RCW 18.71.095.
Public purchase preferences: Chapter 39.24 RCW.
Social security benefits, payment to survivors or department of social and health services: RCW 11.66.010.
State administrative departments and agencies: Chapter 43.17 RCW.