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Services in day training center or group training homeApplication for payment.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in this section, the provisions of this title govern applications for payment by the state for services in a day training center or group training home approved by the secretary under this chapter.
(2) In determining eligibility and the amount of payment, the secretary shall make special provision for group training homes where parents are actively involved as a member of the administrative board of the group training home and who may provide for some of the services required by a resident therein. The special provisions shall include establishing eligibility requirements for a person placed in such a group training home to have a parent able and willing to attend administrative board meetings and participate insofar as possible in carrying out special activities deemed by the board to contribute to the well being of the residents.
(3) If the secretary determines that a person is eligible for services in a day training center or group training home, the secretary shall determine the extent and type of services to be provided and the amount that the department will pay, based upon the needs of the person and the ability of the parent or the guardian to pay or contribute to the payment of the monthly cost of the services.
(4) The secretary may, upon application of the person who is receiving services or the person's legal representative, after investigation of the ability or inability of such persons to pay, or without application being made, modify the amount of the monthly payments to be paid by the secretary for services at a day training center or group training home or combination of both.
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