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The legislature intends to substantially improve the delivery of children's mental health services in Washington state through the development and implementation of a children's mental health system that:
(1) Values early identification, intervention, and prevention;
(2) Coordinates existing categorical children's mental health programs and funding, through efforts that include elimination of duplicative care plans and case management;
(3) Treats each child in the context of his or her family, and provides services and supports needed to maintain a child with his or her family and community;
(4) Integrates families into treatment through choice of treatment, participation in treatment, and provision of peer support;
(5) Focuses on resiliency and recovery;
(6) Relies to a greater extent on evidence-based practices;
(7) Is sensitive to the unique cultural circumstances of children of color and children in families whose primary language is not English;
(8) Integrates educational support services that address students' diverse learning styles; and
(9) To the greatest extent possible, blends categorical funding to offer more service and support options to each child.


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