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Review of admission and inpatient treatment of minorsDetermination of medical necessityAuthority reviewMinor declines necessary treatmentAt-risk youth petitionCostsPublic funds.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 1874-S2.SL) ***
(1) The authority shall assure that, for any minor admitted to inpatient treatment under RCW 71.34.600, a review is conducted by a physician or other mental health professional who is employed by the authority, or an agency under contract with the authority, and who neither has a financial interest in continued inpatient treatment of the minor nor is affiliated with the facility providing the treatment. The physician or other mental health professional shall conduct the review not less than seven nor more than fourteen days following the date the minor was brought to the facility under RCW 71.34.600 to determine whether it is a medical necessity to continue the minor's treatment on an inpatient basis.
(2) In making a determination under subsection (1) of this section, the authority shall consider the opinion of the treatment provider, the safety of the minor, and the likelihood the minor's mental health will deteriorate if released from inpatient treatment. The authority shall consult with the parent in advance of making its determination.
(3) If, after any review conducted by the authority under this section, the authority determines it is no longer a medical necessity for a minor to receive inpatient treatment, the authority shall immediately notify the parents and the facility. The facility shall release the minor to the parents within twenty-four hours of receiving notice. If the professional person in charge and the parent believe that it is a medical necessity for the minor to remain in inpatient treatment, the minor shall be released to the parent on the second judicial day following the authority's determination in order to allow the parent time to file an at-risk youth petition under chapter 13.32A RCW. If the authority determines it is a medical necessity for the minor to receive outpatient treatment and the minor declines to obtain such treatment, such refusal shall be grounds for the parent to file an at-risk youth petition.
(4) If the evaluation conducted under RCW 71.34.600 is done by the authority, the reviews required by subsection (1) of this section shall be done by contract with an independent agency.
(5) The authority may, subject to available funds, contract with other governmental agencies to conduct the reviews under this section. The authority may seek reimbursement from the parents, their insurance, or medicaid for the expense of any review conducted by an agency under contract.
(6) In addition to the review required under this section, the authority may periodically determine and redetermine the medical necessity of treatment for purposes of payment with public funds.


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