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Multiple directives, agentsEffectDisclosure of court orders.

(1) Where an incapacitated principal has executed more than one valid directive and has not revoked any of the directives:
(a) The directive most recently created shall be treated as the principal's behavioral health treatment preferences and instructions as to any inconsistent or conflicting provisions, unless provided otherwise in either document.
(b) Where a directive executed under this chapter is inconsistent with a directive executed under any other chapter, the most recently created directive controls as to the inconsistent provisions.
(2) Where an incapacitated principal has appointed more than one agent under chapter 11.125 RCW with authority to make behavioral health treatment decisions, RCW 11.125.400 controls.
(3) The treatment provider shall inquire of a principal whether the principal is subject to any court orders that would affect the implementation of his or her directive.


Short titleApplicationUniformityFederal law applicationFederal electronic signatures in global and national commerce actApplicationDatesEffective date2016 c 209: See RCW 11.125.010 and 11.125.900 through 11.125.903.
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