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Pediatric transitional care servicesRules, requirements.

The secretary must, in consultation with the department of social and health services, adopt rules on pediatric transitional care services. The rules must:
(1) Establish requirements for medical examinations and consultations which must be delivered by an appropriate health care professional;
(2) Require twenty-four hour medical supervision for children receiving pediatric transitional services in accordance with the staffing ratios established under subsection (3) of this section;
(3) Include staffing ratios that consider the number of registered nurses or licensed practical nurses employed by the establishment and the number of trained caregivers on duty at the establishment. These staffing ratios may not require more than:
(a) One registered nurse to be on duty at all times;
(b) One registered nurse or licensed practical nurse to eight infants; and
(c) One trained caregiver to four infants;
(4) Require establishments that provide pediatric transitional care services to prepare weekly plans specific to each infant in their care and in accordance with the health care professional's standing orders. The health care professional may modify an infant's weekly plan without reexamining the infant if he or she determines the modification is in the best interest of the child. This modification may be communicated to the registered nurse on duty at the establishment who must then implement the modification. Weekly plans are to include short-term goals for each infant and outcomes must be included in reports required by the department;
(5) Ensure that neonatal abstinence syndrome scoring is conducted by an appropriate health care professional;
(6) Establish drug exposed infant developmental screening tests for establishments that provide pediatric transitional care services to administer according to a schedule established by the secretary;
(7) Require the establishment to collaborate with the department of social and health services to develop an individualized safety plan for each child and to meet other contractual requirements of the department of social and health services to identify strategies to meet supervision needs, medical concerns, and family support needs;
(8) Establish the maximum amount of days an infant may be placed at an establishment;
(9) Develop timelines for initial and ongoing parent-infant visits to nurture and help develop attachment and bonding between the child and parent, if such visits are possible. Timelines must be developed upon placement of the infant in the establishment providing pediatric transitional care services;
(10) Determine how transportation for the infant will be provided, if needed;
(11) Establish on-site training requirements for caregivers, volunteers, parents, foster parents, and relatives;
(12) Establish background check requirements for caregivers, volunteers, employees, and any other person with unsupervised access to the infants under the care of the establishment; and
(13) Establish other requirements necessary to support the infant and the infant's family.


FindingsIntent2017 c 263: See note following RCW 71.12.455.
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