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Transition facilitiesMitigation agreements.

(1) Subject to funds appropriated by the legislature, the department may enter into negotiation for a mitigation agreement with:
(a) The county and/or city in which a secure community transition facility sited after January 1, 2002, is located;
(b) Each community in which the persons from those facilities will reside or regularly spend time, pursuant to court orders, for regular work or education, or to receive social services, or through which the person or persons will regularly be transported to reach other communities; and
(c) Educational institutions in the communities identified in (a) and (b) of this subsection.
(2) Mitigation agreements are limited to the following:
(a) One-time training for local law enforcement and administrative staff, upon the establishment of a secure community transition facility.
(i) Training between local government staff and the department includes training in coordination, emergency procedures, program and facility information, legal requirements, and resident profiles.
(ii) Reimbursement for training under this subsection is limited to:
(A) The salaries or hourly wages and benefits of those persons who receive training directly from the department; and
(B) Costs associated with preparation for, and delivery of, training to the department or its contracted staff by local government staff or contractors;
(b) Information coordination:
(i) Information coordination includes database infrastructure establishment and programming for the dissemination of information among law enforcement and the department related to facility residents.
(ii) Reimbursement for information coordination is limited to start-up costs;
(c) One-time capital costs:
(i) One-time capital costs are off-site costs associated with the need for increased security in specific locations.
(ii) Reimbursement for one-time capital costs is limited to actual costs; and
(d) Incident response:
(i) Incident response costs are law enforcement and criminal justice costs associated with violations of conditions of release or crimes by residents of the secure community transition facility.
(ii) Reimbursement for incident response does not include private causes of action.


PurposeSeverabilityEffective date2002 c 68: See notes following RCW 36.70A.200.
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