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Covered or opt-in entity compliance obligation.

(1) A covered or opt-in entity has a compliance obligation for its emissions during each four-year compliance period, with the first compliance period commencing January 1, 2023. The department shall by rule require that covered or opt-in entities annually transfer a percentage of compliance instruments, but must fully satisfy their compliance obligation, for each compliance period.
(2) Compliance occurs through the transfer of the required compliance instruments or price ceiling units, on or before the transfer date, from the holding account to the compliance account of the covered or opt-in entity as described in RCW 70A.65.080.
(3)(a) A covered entity may substitute the submission of compliance instruments with price ceiling units.
(b) A covered or opt-in entity submitting insufficient compliance instruments to meet its compliance obligation is subject to a penalty as provided in RCW 70A.65.200.
(4) Older vintage allowances must be retired before newer vintage allowances.
(5) Upon receipt by the department of all compliance instruments transferred by a covered entity or opt-in entity to meet its compliance obligation, the department shall retire the allowances or offset credits.
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