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Diesel idle emission reduction technologies and infrastructure—Loans.

(1) The department shall use the moneys in the account to provide loans with low or no interest to loan recipients for the purpose of reducing exposure to diesel emissions and improving public health by investing in diesel idle emission reduction technologies and infrastructure. The department shall, to the extent practical, integrate communications, outreach, and other aspects of the administration of loans from the account with the administration of existing grant programs to reduce diesel emissions from vehicles and equipment. In selecting loan recipients, the department shall consider anticipated human health, environmental, and greenhouse gas benefits from reduced exposure to harmful air emissions associated with diesel idling.
(2) The department shall make loans in such a manner that the remittances from loan recipients are of equal value over a long-term planning horizon to the disbursals from the fund.
(3) Loan moneys may not be spent on vehicles or equipment that spend less than one-half of their operating time in Washington. Permissible diesel idle reduction expenditures include, but are not limited to:
(a) Electrified parking spaces and truck stops;
(b) Shore connection systems and alternative maritime power;
(c) Shore connection systems for locomotives;
(d) Auxiliary power units and generator sets;
(e) Fuel-operated heaters or direct-fired heaters, including engine fluid preheaters and cab air heaters;
(f) Battery powered systems, including battery powered heating and air conditioning systems;
(g) Thermal storage systems;
(h) Automatic engine start-up and shutdown systems;
(i) Projects to augment or replace diesel engines or power systems with engines or power systems that use liquefied or compressed natural gas; and
(j) Other operation or maintenance efficiencies that achieve emission reduction benefits for the public.
[ 2014 c 74 s 3. Formerly RCW 70.325.030.]
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