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Inspection of certain facilities for asbestos-containing building materialsAsbestos management planContentPenalties.

(1) Every owner of a facility that is engaged in activities described in codes 31 through 33 of the North American industry classification system must:
(a) Perform an inspection of the facility to determine whether asbestos-containing building materials are present and, if asbestos-containing building materials are found during the initial inspection, reinspect asbestos-containing building materials every five years thereafter. The inspections must be conducted by persons meeting the accreditation requirements of the federal toxic substances control act, 15 U.S.C. Sec. 2646 (b) or (c); and
(b) Develop, maintain, and update an asbestos management plan and keep a copy at the facility. The asbestos management plan must be updated every five years and after any material changes in asbestos-containing building materials in the facility. The asbestos management plan must include:
(i) The name and address of the facility and whether the facility has asbestos-containing building materials, and the type of asbestos-containing building material;
(ii) The date of the original facility inspection;
(iii) A plan for reinspections;
(iv) A blueprint of the facility that clearly identifies the location of asbestos-containing building materials;
(v) A description of any response action or prevention measures taken to reduce asbestos exposure;
(vi) A copy of the analysis of any building or facility, and the name and address of any laboratory that sampled the material;
(vii) The name, address, and telephone number of a designated contact to whom the owner has assigned responsibility for ensuring that the duties of the owner are carried out; and
(viii) A description of steps taken to inform workers about inspections, reinspections, response actions, and periodic surveillance of the asbestos-containing building materials.
(2) Upon request, the asbestos management plan required under subsection (1)(b) of this section must be made available to the department, the department of labor and industries, local air pollution control authorities in jurisdictions where they have been created under this chapter, and any interested party. In addition to the penalties established by this chapter, failure to create or maintain a required asbestos management plan is a violation of chapter 49.17 RCW and subject to the penalties established under RCW 49.17.180 and 49.17.190.
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