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Application for exemption from chapter.

Any motor vehicle manufacturer or brake friction material manufacturer may apply to the department for an exemption from this chapter for brake friction material intended for a specific motor vehicle model or class of motor vehicles based on special needs or characteristics of the motor vehicles for which the brake friction material is intended. Exemptions may only be issued for small volume motor vehicle manufacturers, specific motor vehicle models, or special classes of vehicles, such as fire trucks, police cars, and heavy or wide-load equipment hauling, provided the manufacturer can demonstrate that complying with the requirements of this chapter is not feasible, does not allow compliance with safety standards, or causes significant financial hardship. Exemptions are valid for no less than one year and may be renewed automatically as needed or the exemption may be permanent for as long as the vehicle is used in the manner described in the application.
[ 2010 c 147 § 6. Formerly RCW 70.285.060.]
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