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Grants to local governments for plan preparation, implementation, and designation of zonesMatching fundsQualifications.

(1) Subject to legislative appropriations, the department may make and administer grants to local governments for (a) preparing and updating local hazardous waste plans, (b) implementing approved local hazardous waste plans, and (c) designating eligible zones for designated zone facilities as required under this chapter.
(2) Local governments shall match the funds provided by the department for planning or designating zones with an amount not less than twenty-five percent of the estimated cost of the work to be performed. Local governments may meet their share of costs with cash or contributed services. Local governments, or combination of contiguous local governments, conducting pilot projects pursuant to RCW 70A.300.350(4) may subtract the cost of those pilot projects conducted for hazardous household substances from their share of the cost. If a pilot project has been conducted for all moderate-risk wastes, only the portion of the cost that applies to hazardous household substances shall be subtracted. The matching funds requirement under this subsection shall be waived for local governments, or combination of contiguous local governments, that complete and submit their local hazardous waste plans under RCW 70A.300.350(6) prior to June 30, 1988.
(3) Recipients of grants shall meet such qualifications and follow such procedures in applying for and using grants as may be established by the department.


Severability1985 c 448: See note following RCW 70A.300.005.
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