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Local governments to prepare local hazardous waste plansBasisElements required.

(1) Each local government, or combination of contiguous local governments, is directed to prepare a local hazardous waste plan which shall be based on state guidelines and include the following elements:
(a) A plan or program to manage moderate-risk wastes that are generated or otherwise present within the jurisdiction. This element shall include an assessment of the quantities, types, generators, and fate of moderate-risk wastes in the jurisdiction. The purpose of this element is to develop a system of managing moderate-risk waste, appropriate to each local area, to ensure protection of the environment and public health;
(b) A plan or program to provide for ongoing public involvement and public education in regard to the management of moderate-risk waste. This element shall provide information regarding:
(i) The potential hazards to human health and the environment resulting from improper use and disposal of the waste; and
(ii) Proper methods of handling, reducing, recycling, and disposing of the waste;
(c) An inventory of all existing generators of hazardous waste and facilities managing hazardous waste within the jurisdiction. This inventory shall be based on data provided by the department;
(d) A description of the public involvement process used in developing the plan;
(e) A description of the eligible zones designated in accordance with RCW 70A.300.370. However, the requirement to designate eligible zones shall not be considered part of the local hazardous waste planning requirements; and
(f) Other elements as deemed appropriate by local government.
(2) To the maximum extent practicable, the local hazardous waste plan shall be coordinated with other hazardous materials-related plans and policies in the jurisdiction.
(3) Local governments shall coordinate with those persons involved in providing privately owned hazardous and moderate-risk waste facilities and services as follows: If a local government determines that a moderate-risk waste will be or is adequately managed by one or more privately owned facilities or services at a reasonable price, the local government shall take actions to encourage the use of that private facility or service. Actions taken by a local government under this subsection may include, but are not limited to, restricting or prohibiting the land disposal of a moderate-risk waste at any transfer station or land disposal facility within its jurisdiction.
(4)(a) The department shall prepare guidelines for the development of local hazardous waste plans. The guidelines shall be prepared in consultation with local governments and shall be completed by December 31, 1986. The guidelines shall include a list of substances identified as hazardous household substances.
(b) In preparing the guidelines under (a) of this subsection, the department shall review and assess information on pilot projects that have been conducted for moderate-risk waste management. The department shall encourage additional pilot projects as needed to provide information to improve and update the guidelines.
(5) The department shall consult with retailers, trade associations, public interest groups, and appropriate units of local government to encourage the development of voluntary public education programs on the proper handling of hazardous household substances.
(6) Local hazardous waste plans shall be completed and submitted to the department no later than June 30, 1990. Local governments may from time to time amend the local plan.
(7) Each local government, or combination of contiguous local governments, shall submit its local hazardous waste plan or amendments thereto to the department. The department shall approve or disapprove local hazardous waste plans or amendments by December 31, 1990, or within ninety days of submission, whichever is later. The department shall approve a local hazardous waste plan if it determines that the plan is consistent with this chapter and the guidelines under subsection (4) of this section. If approval is denied, the department shall submit its objections to the local government within ninety days of submission. However, for plans submitted between January 1, 1990, and June 30, 1990, the department shall have one hundred eighty days to submit its objections. No local government is eligible for grants under RCW 70A.300.390 for implementing a local hazardous waste plan unless the plan for that jurisdiction has been approved by the department.
(8) Each local government, or combination of contiguous local governments, shall implement the local hazardous waste plan for its jurisdiction by December 31, 1991.
(9) The department may waive the specific requirements of this section for any local government if such local government demonstrates to the satisfaction of the department that the objectives of the planning requirements have been met.


Severability1985 c 448: See note following RCW 70A.300.005.
Used oil recycling element: RCW 70A.224.020.
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