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Powers and duties of department.

The department in performing its duties under this chapter may:
(1) Conduct studies and coordinate research programs pertaining to extremely hazardous waste management;
(2) Render technical assistance to generators of dangerous and extremely hazardous wastes and to state and local agencies in the planning and operation of hazardous waste programs;
(3) Encourage and provide technical assistance to waste generators to form and operate a "waste exchange" for the purpose of finding users for dangerous and extremely hazardous wastes that would otherwise be disposed of: PROVIDED, That such technical assistance shall not violate the confidentiality of manufacturing processes; and
(4) Provide for appropriate surveillance and monitoring of extremely hazardous waste disposal practices in the state.
[1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 101 ยง 10. Formerly RCW 70.105.100.]
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