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New vehicle greenhouse gas emissions disclosureRule-making authority.

(1) No model year 2010 or subsequent model year new passenger car, light duty truck, or medium duty vehicle may be sold in Washington unless there is securely and conspicuously affixed in a clearly visible location a label on which the manufacturer clearly discloses comparative greenhouse gas emissions for that new vehicle.
(2) The label required by this section should include a greenhouse gas index or rating system that contains quantitative and graphical information presented in a continuous, easy-to-read scale that compares the greenhouse gas emissions from the vehicle with the average projected greenhouse gas emissions from all passenger cars, light duty trucks, and medium duty vehicles of the same model year. For reference purposes, the index or rating system should also identify the greenhouse gas emissions from the vehicle model of that same model year that has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions.
(3) The index or rating system included in the label under subsection (2) of this section shall be updated as necessary to ensure that the differences in greenhouse gas emissions among vehicles are readily apparent to the consumer.
(4) An automobile manufacturer may apply to the department of ecology for approval of an alternative to the disclosure labeling requirement that is at least as effective in providing notification and disclosure of the vehicle's greenhouse gas emissions as is the labeling required by this section.
(5) A label that complies with the requirements of the California greenhouse gas vehicle labeling program shall be deemed to meet the requirements of this section and any rules adopted under this section.
(6) The department of ecology may adopt such rules as are necessary to implement this section.


Intent2008 c 32: "The legislature intends that new passenger cars, light duty trucks, and medium duty passenger vehicles for sale in Washington display clear and easy to understand information disclosing the new vehicle's greenhouse gas emissions. Further, the legislature intends that disclosure of such emissions serves as a means of educating consumers, other motorists, and the general public about the sources of greenhouse gas, their impact, available options, and in particular the role and contribution of automobiles and other motor vehicles." [ 2008 c 32 § 1.]
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