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Vehicle inspectionsFailedCertificate of acceptance.

(1) Any person:
(a) Whose motor vehicle is tested pursuant to this chapter and fails to comply with the emission standards established for the vehicle; and
(b) Who, following such a test, expends more than one hundred dollars on a 1980 or earlier model year motor vehicle or expends more than one hundred fifty dollars on a 1981 or later model year motor vehicle for repairs solely devoted to meeting the emission standards and that are performed by a certified emission specialist authorized by RCW 70A.25.020(2)(a); and
(c) Whose vehicle fails a retest, may be issued a certificate of acceptance if (i) the vehicle has been in use for more than five years or fifty thousand miles, and (ii) any component of the vehicle installed by the manufacturer for the purpose of reducing emissions, or its appropriate replacement, is installed and operative.
To receive the certificate, the person must document compliance with (b) and (c) of this subsection to the satisfaction of the department.
Should any provision of (b) of this subsection be disapproved by the administrator of the United States environmental protection agency, all vehicles shall be required to expend at least four hundred fifty dollars to qualify for a certificate of acceptance.
(2) Persons who fail the initial tests shall be provided with:
(a) Information regarding the availability of federal warranties and certified emission specialists;
(b) Information on the availability and procedure for acquiring license trip-permits;
(c) Information on the availability and procedure for receiving a certificate of acceptance; and
(d) The local phone number of the department's local vehicle specialist.


Finding1991 c 199: See note following RCW 70A.15.1005.
Effective dates1991 c 199: See RCW 70A.15.9003.
Severability1979 ex.s. c 163: See note following RCW 70A.25.010.
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