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Legislative declarationLiberal construction.

The legislature finds:
(1) That environmental damage seriously endangers the public health and welfare;
(2) That such environmental damage results from air, water, and other resources pollution and from solid waste disposal, noise and other environmental problems;
(3) That to abate or control such environmental damage antipollution devices, equipment, and facilities must be acquired, constructed and installed;
(4) That the tax exempt financing permitted by Section 103 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended, and authorized by this chapter results in lower costs of installation of pollution control facilities;
(5) That such lower costs benefit the public with no measurable cost impact;
(6) That the method of financing provided in this chapter is in the public interest and its use serves a public purpose in (a) protecting and promoting the health and welfare of the citizens of the cities, towns, counties, and port districts and of this state by encouraging and accelerating the installation of facilities for abating or controlling and preventing environmental damage and (b) in attracting and retaining environmentally sound industry in this state which reduces unemployment and provides a more diversified tax base.
(7) For the reasons set forth in subsection (6) of this section, the provisions of this chapter relating to port districts and all proceedings heretofore or hereafter taken by port districts pursuant thereto are, and shall be deemed to be, for industrial development as authorized by Article 8, section 8 of the Washington state Constitution.
This chapter shall be liberally construed to accomplish the intentions expressed in this section.
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