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Vehicle battery wholesalersObligations regarding used batteriesNoncompliance procedure.

(1) A person selling vehicle batteries at wholesale to a retail establishment in this state shall accept, at the time and place of transfer, used vehicle batteries in a quantity at least equal to the number of new batteries purchased, if offered by the purchaser.
(2) When a battery wholesaler, or agent of the wholesaler, fails to accept used vehicle batteries as provided in this section, a retailer may file a complaint with the department and the department shall investigate any such complaint.
(3)(a) The department shall issue an order suspending any of the provisions of RCW 70A.205.515 through 70A.205.530 whenever it finds that the market price of lead has fallen to the extent that new battery wholesalers' estimated statewide average cost of transporting used batteries to a smelter or other person or entity in the business of purchasing used batteries is clearly greater than the market price paid for used lead batteries by such smelter or person or entity.
(b) The order of suspension shall only apply to batteries that are sold at retail during the period in which the suspension order is effective.
(c) The department shall limit its suspension order to a definite period not exceeding six months, but shall revoke the order prior to its expiration date should it find that the reasons for its issuance are no longer valid.
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