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Permit for solid waste handling facilityApplications, fee.

(1) Applications for permits to operate a new or modified solid waste handling facility shall be on forms prescribed by the department and shall contain a description of the proposed facilities and operations at the site, plans and specifications for any new or additional facilities to be constructed, and such other information as the jurisdictional health department may deem necessary in order to determine whether the site and solid waste disposal facilities located thereon will comply with local regulations and state rules.
(2) Upon receipt of an application for a permit to establish or modify a solid waste handling facility, the jurisdictional health department shall refer one copy of the application to the department which shall report its findings to the jurisdictional health department. When the application is for a permit to establish or modify a solid waste handling facility located in an area that is not under a quarantine, as defined in RCW 17.24.007, and when the facility will receive material for composting from an area under a quarantine, the jurisdictional health department shall also provide a copy of the application to the department of agriculture. The department of agriculture shall review the application to determine whether it contains information demonstrating that the proposed facility presents a risk of spreading disease, plant pathogens, or pests to areas that are not under a quarantine. For the purposes of this subsection, "composting" means the biological degradation and transformation of organic solid waste under controlled conditions designed to promote aerobic decomposition.
(3) The jurisdictional health department shall investigate every application as may be necessary to determine whether a proposed or modified site and facilities meet all solid waste, air, and other applicable laws and regulations, and conforms with the approved comprehensive solid waste handling plan, and complies with all zoning requirements.
(4) When the jurisdictional health department finds that the permit should be issued, it shall issue such permit. Every application shall be approved or disapproved within ninety days after its receipt by the jurisdictional health department.
(5) The jurisdictional board of health may establish reasonable fees for permits and renewal of permits. All permit fees collected by the health department shall be deposited in the treasury and to the account from which the health department's operating expenses are paid.
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