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Inert waste landfills.

(1) The department shall, as part of the minimum functional standards for solid waste handling required under RCW 70A.205.025, develop specific criteria for the types of solid wastes that are allowed to be received by inert waste landfills that seek to continue operation after February 10, 2003.
(2) The criteria for inert waste developed under this section must, at a minimum, contain a list of substances that an inert waste landfill located in a county with fewer than forty-five thousand residents is permitted to receive if it was operational before February 10, 2003, and is located at a site with a five-year annual rainfall of twenty-five inches or less. The substances permitted for the inert waste landfills satisfying the criteria listed in this subsection must include the following types of solid waste if the waste has not been tainted, through exposure from chemical, physical, biological, or radiological substances, such that it presents a threat to human health or the environment greater than that inherent to the material:
(a) Cured concrete, including any embedded steel reinforcing and wood;
(b) Asphaltic materials, including road construction asphalt;
(c) Brick and masonry;
(d) Ceramic materials produced from fired clay or porcelain;
(e) Glass;
(f) Stainless steel and aluminum; and
(g) Other materials as defined in chapter 173-350 WAC.
(3) The department shall work with the owner or operators of landfills that do not meet the minimum functional standards for inert waste landfills to explore and implement appropriate means of transition into a limited purpose landfill that is able to accept additional materials as specified in WAC 173-350-400.
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