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Legislative declarationIntent.

The legislature recognizes that:
(1) Acid deposition resulting from commercial, industrial or other emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides pose a threat to the delicate balance of the state's ecological systems, particularly in alpine lakes that are known to be highly sensitive to acidification;
(2) Failure to act promptly and decisively to mitigate or eliminate this danger may soon result in untold and irreparable damage to the fish, forest, wildlife, agricultural, water, and recreational resources of this state;
(3) There is a direct correlation between emissions of sulphur dioxides and nitrogen oxides and increases in acid deposition;
(4) Acidification is cumulative; and
(5) Once an environment is acidified, it is difficult, if not impossible, to restore the natural balance.
It is therefore the intent of the legislature to provide for early detection of acidification and the resulting environmental degradation through continued monitoring of acid deposition levels and trends, and major source changes, so that the legislature can take any necessary action to prevent environmental degradation resulting from acid deposition.
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