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Air pollution episodesRestraining orders, temporary injunctions to enforce ordersProcedure.

Whenever any order has been issued pursuant to RCW 70A.15.6000 through 70A.15.6040, the attorney general, upon request from the governor, the director of the department of ecology, an authorized representative of either, or the attorney for a local air pollution control authority upon request of the control officer, shall petition the superior court of the county in which is located the air contaminant source for which such order was issued for a temporary restraining order requiring the immediate reduction or discontinuance of emissions from such source.
Upon request of the party to whom a temporary restraining order is directed, the court shall schedule a hearing thereon at its earliest convenience, at which time the court may withdraw the restraining order or grant such temporary injunction as is reasonably necessary to prevent injury to the public health or safety.
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