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(1) An authorized representative of the department may order the owner or person operating a conveyance to discontinue the operation of a conveyance, and may place a notice that states that the conveyance may not be operated on a conspicuous place in the conveyance, if:
(a) The conveyance work has not been permitted and performed in accordance with this chapter; or
(b) The conveyance has otherwise become unsafe.
The order is effective immediately, and shall not be stayed by a request for a hearing.
(2) The department shall prescribe a form for the order to discontinue operation. The order shall specify why the conveyance violates this chapter or is otherwise unsafe, and shall inform the owner or operator that he or she may request a hearing pursuant to RCW 70.87.170. A request for a hearing does not stay the effect of the order.
(3) The department shall rescind the order to discontinue operation if the conveyance is fixed or modified to bring it into compliance with this chapter.
(4) An owner or a person that knowingly operates or allows the operation of a conveyance in contravention of an order to discontinue operation, or removes a notice not to operate, is:
(a) Guilty of a misdemeanor; and
(b) Subject to a civil penalty under RCW 70.87.185.
(5) The department may conduct random on-site inspections and tests on existing installations, witnessing periodic inspections and testing in order to ensure satisfactory conveyance work by persons, firms, or companies performing conveyance work, and assist in development of public awareness programs.


Part headings and captions not lawEffective date2003 c 143: See notes following RCW 70.87.020.
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