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RulesWaivers during state of emergency.

The department shall adopt rules governing the mechanical and electrical operation, acceptance tests, conveyance work, operation, and inspection that are necessary and appropriate and shall also adopt minimum standards governing existing installations. In the execution of this rule-making power and before the adoption of rules, the department shall consider the rules for safe conveyance work, operation, and inspection, including the American National Standards Institute Safety Code for Personnel and Material Hoists, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Safety Code for Elevators, Dumbwaiters, and Escalators, and any amendatory or supplemental provisions thereto. The department by rule shall establish a schedule of fees to pay the costs incurred by the department for the work related to administration and enforcement of this chapter. Nothing in this chapter limits the authority of the department to prescribe or enforce general or special safety orders as provided by law.
The department may consult with: Engineering authorities and organizations concerned with standard safety codes; rules and regulations governing conveyance work, operation, and inspection; and the qualifications that are adequate, reasonable, and necessary for the elevator mechanic, contractor, and inspector.
During a state of emergency declared under RCW 43.06.010(12), the governor may waive or suspend the collection of fees under this section or any portion of this section or under any administrative rule, and issue any orders to facilitate the operation of state or local government or to promote and secure the safety and protection of the civilian population.


Part headings not law2008 c 181: See note following RCW 43.06.220.
Part headings and captions not lawEffective date2003 c 143: See notes following RCW 70.87.020.
Effective date1973 1st ex.s. c 52: See note following RCW 43.22.010.
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