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Authority to isolate telephones in barricade or hostage situationDefinitions.

(1) The supervising law enforcement official having jurisdiction in a geographical area who reasonably believes that a person is barricaded, or one or more persons are holding another person or persons hostage within that area may order a telephone company employee designated pursuant to RCW 70.85.110 to arrange to cut, reroute, or divert telephone lines for the purpose of preventing telephone communications between the barricaded person or hostage holder and any person other than a peace officer or a person authorized by the peace officer.
(2) As used in this section:
(a) A "hostage holder" is one who commits or attempts to commit any of the offenses described in RCW 9A.40.020, 9A.40.030, or 9A.40.040; and
(b) A "barricaded person" is one who establishes a perimeter around an area from which others are excluded and either:
(i) Is committing or is immediately fleeing from the commission of a violent felony; or
(ii) Is threatening or has immediately prior threatened a violent felony or suicide; or
(iii) Is creating or has created the likelihood of serious harm within the meaning of chapter 71.05 RCW relating to mental illness.
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