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Purchaser of explosivesApplicationLicense.

All persons desiring to purchase explosives except handloader components shall apply to the department of labor and industries for a license. Said application shall state, among other things:
(1) The location where explosives are to be used;
(2) The kind and amount of explosives to be used;
(3) The name and address of the applicant;
(4) The reason for desiring to use explosives;
(5) The citizenship of the applicant if the applicant is an individual;
(6) If the applicant is a partnership, the names and addresses of the partners and their citizenship;
(7) If the applicant is an association or corporation, the names and addresses of the officers and directors thereof and their citizenship; and
(8) Such other pertinent information as the director of the department of labor and industries shall require to effectuate the purpose of this chapter.
The department of labor and industries shall issue the license if the applicant demonstrates that either the applicant or the officers, agents or employees of the applicant are sufficiently experienced in the use of explosives to authorize a purchase license. However, no purchaser's license may be issued to any person who cannot document proof of possession or right to use approved and licensed storage facilities unless the person signs a statement certifying that explosives will not be stored.


Severability1971 ex.s. c 302: See note following RCW 9.41.010.
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