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Electrology and tattooingDefinitions.

The definitions in this section apply throughout RCW 70.54.320, 70.54.340, and 70.54.350 unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Electrologist" means a person who practices the business of electrology for a fee.
(2) "Electrology" means the process by which hair is permanently removed through the utilization of solid needle/probe electrode epilation, including thermolysis, being of shortwave, high frequency type, and including electrolysis, being of galvanic type, or a combination of both which is accomplished by a superimposed or sequential blend.
(3) "Tattoo artist" means a person who practices the business of tattooing for a fee.
(4) "Tattooing" means the indelible mark, figure, or decorative design introduced by insertion of nontoxic dyes or pigments into or under the subcutaneous portion of the skin upon the body of a live human being for cosmetic or figurative purposes.
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