Chapter 70.48 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.48.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.48.071Standards for operationAdoption by units of local government.
HTMLPDF 70.48.090Interlocal contracts for jail servicesNeighboring statesResponsibility for operation of jailCity or county departments of corrections authorized.
HTMLPDF 70.48.095Regional jails.
HTMLPDF 70.48.100Jail register, open to the publicRecords confidentialException.
HTMLPDF 70.48.130Emergency or necessary medical and health care for confined personsReimbursement proceduresConditionsLimitations.
HTMLPDF 70.48.135Pregnant inmatesMidwifery or doula servicesReasonable accommodations.
HTMLPDF 70.48.140Confinement pursuant to authority of the United States.
HTMLPDF 70.48.160Post-approval limitation on funding.
HTMLPDF 70.48.170Short title.
HTMLPDF 70.48.180Authority to locate and operate jail facilitiesCounties.
HTMLPDF 70.48.190Authority to locate and operate jail facilitiesCities and towns.
HTMLPDF 70.48.210Farms, camps, work release programs, and special detention facilities.
HTMLPDF 70.48.215Booking patients of state hospitals.
HTMLPDF 70.48.220Confinement may be wherever jail services are contractedDefendant contact with defense counsel.
HTMLPDF 70.48.230Transportation and temporary confinement of prisoners.
HTMLPDF 70.48.240Transfer of felons from jail to state institutionTime limit.
HTMLPDF 70.48.245Transfer of persons with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries from jail to department of corrections facility.
HTMLPDF 70.48.380Special detention facilitiesFees for cost of housing.
HTMLPDF 70.48.390Fee payable by person being booked.
HTMLPDF 70.48.400Sentences to be served in state institutionsWhenSentences that may be served in jailFinancial responsibility of city or county.
HTMLPDF 70.48.410Financial responsibility for convicted felons.
HTMLPDF 70.48.420Financial responsibility for persons detained on parole hold.
HTMLPDF 70.48.430Financial responsibility for work release inmates detained in jail.
HTMLPDF 70.48.440Office of financial management to establish reimbursement rate for cities and countiesRate until June 30, 1985Reestablishment of rates.
HTMLPDF 70.48.450Local jail reporting formInformation to be provided by city or county requesting payment for prisoners from state.
HTMLPDF 70.48.460Contracts for incarceration services for prisoners not covered by RCW 70.48.400 through 70.48.450.
HTMLPDF 70.48.470Sex, kidnapping offendersNotices to offenders, law enforcement officials.
HTMLPDF 70.48.475Release of offender or defendant subject to a discharge reviewRequired notifications.
HTMLPDF 70.48.480Communicable disease prevention guidelines.
HTMLPDF 70.48.490Delivery and administration of medications and medication assistance by nonpractitioner jail personnelConditions.
HTMLPDF 70.48.500Use of restraints on pregnant women or youth in custodyAllowed in extraordinary circumstances.
HTMLPDF 70.48.501Use of restraints on pregnant women or youth in custodyProvision of information to staff, women, or youth of childbearing age in custody.
HTMLPDF 70.48.502Use of restraints on pregnant women or youth in custodyLimited immunity from liability.
HTMLPDF 70.48.510Unexpected fatality reviewRecordsDiscovery.
HTMLPDF 70.48.520Collaboration with managed care organizations.
HTMLPDF 70.48.530Release from custodyInformation on opioid substance use disorder treatment programs.
HTMLPDF 70.48.540Obtaining a state-issued identicardIndividuals in custody.
HTMLPDF 70.48.800Use of restraints on pregnant women or youth in custodyInformational packet.
HTMLPDF 70.48.801Jail standards task force.