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Alternate method of annexationConduct and canvass of electionNoticeBallot.

An election on the annexation of territory to a public hospital district shall be conducted and canvassed in the same manner as provided for the conduct of an election on the formation of a public hospital district except that notice of such election shall be published in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the territory proposed to be annexed and the ballot proposition shall be in substantially the following form:
ANNEXATION TO (herein insert name of public hospital district)
"Shall the territory described in a resolution of the public hospital district commissioners of (here insert name of public hospital district) adopted on . . . ., . . . . . ., 19. . . [. . . . (year)], be annexed to such district?
YES . . . .
NO . . . .
If a majority of those voting on such proposition vote in favor thereof, the territory shall thereupon be annexed to the public hospital district.
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