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Discharge planningRequirementsLay caregivers.

(1) In addition to the requirements in RCW 70.41.320, hospital discharge policies must ensure that the discharge plan is appropriate for the patient's physical condition, emotional and social needs, and, if a lay caregiver is designated takes into consideration, to the extent possible, the lay caregiver's abilities as disclosed to the hospital.
(2) As part of a patient's individualized treatment plan, discharge criteria must include, but not be limited to, the following components:
(a) The details of the discharge plan;
(b) Hospital staff assessment of the patient's ability for self-care after discharge;
(c) An opportunity for the patient to designate a lay caregiver;
(d) Documentation of any designated lay caregiver's contact information;
(e) A description of aftercare tasks necessary to promote the patient's ability to stay at home;
(f) An opportunity for the patient and, if designated, the patient's lay caregiver to participate in the discharge planning;
(g) Instruction or training provided to the patient and, if designated, the patient's lay caregiver, prior to discharge, to perform aftercare tasks. Instruction or training may include education and counseling about the patient's medications, including dosing and proper use of medication delivery devices when applicable; and
(h) Notification to a lay caregiver, if designated, of the patient's discharge or transfer.
(3) In the event that a hospital is unable to contact a designated lay caregiver, the lack of contact may not interfere with, delay, or otherwise affect the medical care provided to the patient, or an appropriate discharge of the patient.
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