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Hospital surveys or auditsFrequent problems to be posted on agency websitesHospital evaluation of survey or audit, formNotice.

(1) Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this subsection apply throughout this section.
(a) "Agency" means a department of state government created under RCW 43.17.010 and the office of the state auditor.
(b) "Audit" means an examination of records or financial accounts to evaluate accuracy and monitor compliance with statutory or regulatory requirements.
(c) "Hospital" means a hospital licensed under chapter 70.41 RCW.
(d) "Survey" means an inspection, examination, or site visit conducted by an agency to evaluate and monitor the compliance of a hospital or hospital services or facilities with statutory or regulatory requirements.
(2) By July 1, 2004, each state agency which conducts hospital surveys or audits shall post to its agency website a list of the most frequent problems identified in its hospital surveys or audits along with information on how to avoid or address the identified problems, and a person within the agency that a hospital may contact with questions or for further assistance.
(3) By July 1, 2004, the department of health, in cooperation with other state agencies which conduct hospital surveys or audits, shall develop an instrument, to be provided to every hospital upon completion of a state survey or audit, which allows the hospital to anonymously evaluate the survey or audit process in terms of quality, efficacy, and the extent to which it supported improved patient care and compliance with state law without placing an unnecessary administrative burden on the hospital. The evaluation may be returned to the department of health for distribution to the appropriate agency.
(4) Except when responding to complaints or immediate public health and safety concerns or when such prior notice would conflict with other state or federal law, any state agency that provides notice of a hospital survey or audit must provide such notice to the hospital no less than four weeks prior to the date of the survey or audit.
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