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As used in this chapter:
(1) "Secretary" means the secretary of the state department of health;
(2) "The federal act" means Title VI of the public health service act, as amended, or as hereafter amended by congress;
(3) "The surgeon general" means the surgeon general of the public health service of the United States;
(4) "Hospital" includes public health centers and general, tuberculosis, mental, chronic disease, and other types of hospitals, and related facilities, such as laboratories, outpatient departments, nurses' home and training facilities, and central service facilities operated in connection with hospitals;
(5) "Public health center" means a publicly owned facility for the provision of public health services, including related facilities such as laboratories, clinics, and administrative offices operated in connection with public health centers;
(6) "Nonprofit hospital" and "nonprofit medical facility" means any hospital or medical facility owned and operated by a corporation or association, no part of the net earnings of which inures, or may lawfully inure, to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual;
(7) "Medical facilities" means diagnostic or diagnostic and treatment centers, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes as those terms are defined in the federal act.
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