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Services and surveysRules.

The secretary shall have authority to:
(1) Provide when needed temporary or intermittent services of experts or consultants or organizations thereof, by contract, when such services are to be performed on a part time or fee-for-service basis;
(2) Make or cause to be made such on-site surveys of health care or medical facilities as may be necessary for the administration of the certificate of need program;
(3) Upon review of recommendations, if any, from the board of health or the office of financial management as contained in the Washington health resources strategy:
(a) Promulgate rules under which health care facilities providers doing business within the state shall submit to the department such data related to health and health care as the department finds necessary to the performance of its functions under this chapter;
(b) Promulgate rules pertaining to the maintenance and operation of medical facilities which receive federal assistance under the provisions of Title XVI;
(c) Promulgate rules in implementation of the provisions of this chapter, including the establishment of procedures for public hearings for predecisions and post-decisions on applications for certificate of need;
(d) Promulgate rules providing circumstances and procedures of expedited certificate of need review if there has not been a significant change in existing health facilities of the same type or in the need for such health facilities and services;
(4) Grant allocated state funds to qualified entities, as defined by the department, to fund not more than seventy-five percent of the costs of regional planning activities, excluding costs related to review of applications for certificates of need, provided for in this chapter or approved by the department; and
(5) Contract with and provide reasonable reimbursement for qualified entities to assist in determinations of certificates of need.


Subheadings not law2007 c 259: See note following RCW 7.70.060.
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