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Certificates of needIssuanceDurationPenalties for violations.

(1) A certificate of need shall be valid for two years. One six-month extension may be made if it can be substantiated that substantial and continuing progress toward commencement of the project has been made as defined by regulations to be adopted pursuant to this chapter.
(2) A project for which a certificate of need has been issued shall be commenced during the validity period for the certificate of need.
(3) The department shall monitor the approved projects to assure conformance with certificates of need that have been issued. Rules and regulations adopted shall specify when changes in the project require reevaluation of the project. The department may require applicants to submit periodic progress reports on approved projects or other information as may be necessary to effectuate its monitoring responsibilities.
(4) The secretary, in the case of a new health facility, shall not issue any license unless and until a prior certificate of need shall have been issued by the department for the offering or development of such new health facility.
(5) Any person who engages in any undertaking which requires certificate of need review without first having received from the department either a certificate of need or an exception granted in accordance with this chapter shall be liable to the state in an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars a day for each day of such unauthorized offering or development. Such amounts of money shall be recoverable in an action brought by the attorney general on behalf of the state in the superior court of any county in which the unauthorized undertaking occurred. Any amounts of money so recovered by the attorney general shall be deposited in the state general fund.
(6) The department may bring any action to enjoin a violation or the threatened violation of the provisions of this chapter or any rules and regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter, or may bring any legal proceeding authorized by law, including but not limited to the special proceedings authorized in Title 7 RCW, in the superior court in the county in which such violation occurs or is about to occur, or in the superior court of Thurston county.


Effective date1980 c 139: See RCW 70.38.916.
Effective date1979 ex.s. c 161: See RCW 70.38.915.
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