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Washington health care facilities authorityPowersSpecial fund bondsRevenue bonds.

(1) The authority is hereby empowered to issue bonds for the construction, purchase, acquisition, rental, leasing or use by participants of projects for which bonds to provide funds therefor have been approved by the authority. Such bonds shall be issued in the name of the authority. They shall not be obligations of the state of Washington or general obligations of the authority but shall be payable only from the special funds created by the authority for their payment. They shall contain a recital on their face that their payment and the payment of interest thereon shall be a valid claim only as against the special fund relating thereto derived by the authority in whole or in part from the revenues received by the authority from the operation by the participant of the health care facilities for which the bonds are issued but that they shall constitute a prior charge over all other charges or claims whatever against such special fund. The lien of any such pledge on such revenues shall attach thereto immediately on their receipt by the authority and shall be valid and binding as against parties having claims of any kind in tort, contract or otherwise against the participant, without recordation thereof and whether or not they have notice thereof. For inclusion in such special funds and for other uses in or for such projects of participants the authority is empowered to accept and receive funds, grants, gifts, pledges, guarantees, mortgages, trust deeds and other security instruments, and property from the federal government or the state of Washington or other public body, entity or agency and from any public or private institution, association, corporation or organization, including participants, except that it shall not accept or receive from the state or any taxing agency any money derived from taxes save money to be devoted to the purposes of a project of the state or taxing agency.
(2) For the purposes outlined in subsection (1) of this section the authority is empowered to provide for the issuance of its special fund bonds and other limited obligation security instruments subordinate to the first and prior lien bonds, if any, relating to a project or projects of a participant and to create special funds relating thereto against which such subordinate securities shall be liens, but the authority shall not have power to incur general obligations with respect thereto.
(3) The authority may also issue special fund bonds to redeem or to fund or refund outstanding bonds or any part thereof at maturity, or before maturity if subject to prior redemption, with the right in the authority to include various series and issues of such outstanding special fund bonds in a single issue of funding or refunding special fund bonds and to pay any redemption premiums out of the proceeds thereto. Such funding or refunding bonds shall be limited special fund bonds issued in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, including this section and shall not be general obligations of the authority.
(4) Such special fund bonds of either first lien or subordinate lien nature may also be issued by the authority, the proceeds of which may be used to refund already existing mortgages or other obligations on health care facilities already constructed and operating incurred by a participant in the construction, purchase or acquisition thereof.
(5) The authority may also lease to participants, lease to them with option to purchase, or sell to them, facilities which it has acquired by construction, purchase, devise, gift, or leasing: PROVIDED, That the terms thereof shall at least fully reimburse the authority for its costs with respect to such facilities, including costs of financing, and provide fully for the debt service on any bonds issued by the authority to finance acquisition by it of the facilities. To pay the cost of acquiring or improving such facilities or to refund any bonds issued for such purpose, the authority may issue its revenue bonds secured solely by revenues derived from the sale or lease of the facility, but which may additionally be secured by mortgage, lease, pledge or assignment, trust agreement or other security device. Such bonds and such security devices shall not be obligations of the state of Washington or general obligations of the authority but shall be payable only from the special funds created by the authority for their payment. Such health care facilities may be acquired, constructed, reconstructed, and improved and may be leased, sold or otherwise disposed of in the manner determined by the authority in its sole discretion and any requirement of competitive bidding, lease performance bonds or other restriction imposed on the procedure for award of contracts for such purpose or the lease, sale or other disposition of property of the state, or any agency thereof, is not applicable to any action so taken by the authority.
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