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EnforcementLicense suspension and revocationAppeal.

(1) The board, or its enforcement officers, has the authority to enforce provisions of this chapter.
(2) The board may revoke or suspend a retailer's, distributor's, or delivery seller's license issued under this chapter upon sufficient cause showing a violation of this chapter.
(3) A license may not be suspended or revoked except upon notice to the licensee and after a hearing as prescribed by the board.
(4) Any retailer's licenses issued under chapter 82.24 or 82.26 RCW to a person whose vapor product retailer's license or licenses have been suspended or revoked for violating RCW 26.28.080 must also be suspended or revoked during the period of suspension or revocation under this section.
(5) Any person whose license or licenses have been revoked under this section may reapply to the board at the expiration of two years of the license or licenses, unless the license was revoked pursuant to RCW 70.345.180(2)(e). The license or licenses may be approved by the board if it appears to the satisfaction of the board that the licensee will comply with the provisions of this chapter.
(6) A person whose license has been suspended or revoked may not sell vapor products or permit vapor products to be sold during the period of suspension or revocation on the premises occupied by the person or upon other premises controlled by the person or others or in any other manner or form.
(7) Any determination and order by the board, and any order of suspension or revocation by the board of the license or licenses issued under this chapter, or refusal to reinstate a license or licenses after revocation is reviewable by an appeal to the superior court of Thurston county. The superior court must review the order or ruling of the board and may hear the matter de novo, having due regard to the provisions of this chapter and the duties imposed upon the board.
(8) If the board makes an initial decision to deny a license or renewal, or suspend or revoke a license, the applicant may request a hearing subject to the applicable provisions under Title 34 RCW.
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