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Types of licensesApplicationsLicense expiration and display.

(1) The licenses issuable by the board under this chapter are as follows:
(a) A vapor product retailer's license;
(b) A vapor product distributor's license; and
(c) A vapor product delivery sale license.
(2) Application for the licenses must be made through the business licensing system under chapter 19.02 RCW. The board may adopt rules regarding the regulation of the licenses. The board may refuse to issue any license under this chapter if the board has reasonable cause to believe that the applicant has willfully withheld information requested for the purpose of determining the eligibility of the applicant to receive a license, or if the board has reasonable cause to believe that information submitted in the application is false or misleading or is not made in good faith. In addition, for the purpose of reviewing an application for a distributor's license, retailer's license, or delivery seller's license, and for considering the denial, suspension, or revocation of any such license, the board may consider criminal conduct of the applicant, including an administrative violation history record with the board and a criminal history record information check within the previous five years, in any state, tribal, or federal jurisdiction in the United States, its territories, or possessions, and the provisions of RCW 9.95.240 and chapter 9.96A RCW do not apply to such cases. The board may, in its discretion, issue or refuse to issue the retailer's license, distributor's license, and delivery sale license subject to the provisions of RCW 70.155.100.
(3) The application processes for the retailer license and the distributor license, and any forms used for such processes, must allow the applicant to simultaneously apply for a delivery sale license without requiring the applicant to undergo a separate licensing application process in order to be licensed to conduct delivery sales. However, a delivery sale license obtained in conjunction with a retailer or distributor license under this subsection remains a separate license subject to the delivery sale licensing fee established under this chapter.
(4) No person may qualify for a retailer's license, distributor's license, or delivery sale license under this section without first undergoing a criminal background check. The background check must be performed by the board and must disclose any criminal conduct within the previous five years in any state, tribal, or federal jurisdiction in the United States, its territories, or possessions. If the applicant or licensee also has a license issued under chapter 66.24, 69.50, 82.24, or 82.26 RCW, the background check done under the authority of chapter 66.24, 69.50, 82.24, or 82.26 RCW satisfies the requirements of this subsection.
(5) Each license issued under this chapter expires on the business license expiration date. The license must be continued annually if the licensee has paid the required fee and complied with all the provisions of this chapter and the rules of the board adopted pursuant to this chapter.
(6) Each license and any other evidence of the license required under this chapter must be exhibited in each place of business for which it is issued and in the manner required for the display of a business license.


Contingent effective date2016 sp.s. c 38 §§ 5-10 and 28: "(1) Sections 5 through 10 and 28 of this act take effect thirty days after the Washington state liquor and cannabis board prescribes the form for an application for a license required under section 6 of this act.
(2) The Washington state liquor and cannabis board must provide written notice of the effective date of sections 5 through 10 and 28 of this act to affected parties, the chief clerk of the house of representatives, the secretary of the senate, the office of the code reviser, and others as deemed appropriate by the department." [ 2016 sp.s. c 38 § 32.] Written notice of the effective date, August 1, 2016, for sections 5 through 10 and 28, chapter 38, Laws of 2016 sp.s. required by section 32, chapter 38, Laws of 2016 sp.s. was provided by the liquor and cannabis board to the office of the code reviser on June 27, 2016.
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