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Report to the legislature.

(1) By December 1, 2014, the department and the authority shall report jointly to the legislature on the expected outcomes and the performance measures. The report must identify the performance measures and the expected outcomes established for each program, the relationship between the performance measures and expected improvements in client outcomes, mechanisms for reporting outcomes and measuring performance, and options for applying the performance measures and expected outcomes development process to other health and social service programs.
(2) By December 1, 2016, and annually thereafter, the department and the authority shall report to the legislature on the incorporation of the performance measures into contracts with service coordination organizations and progress toward achieving the identified outcomes. The report shall include:
(a) The number of medicaid clients enrolled over the previous year;
(b) The number of enrollees who received a baseline health assessment over the previous year;
(c) An analysis of trends in health improvement for medicaid enrollees in accordance with the measure set established under *RCW 41.05.065; and
(d) Recommendations for improving the health of medicaid enrollees.


*Reviser's note: The reference to RCW 41.05.065 appears to be erroneous. A reference to RCW 41.05.690 was apparently intended.
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