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Plans to be submitted to secretary for approval, rejectionFundingPreparedness and response activities.

Local health jurisdictions shall submit their pandemic flu preparedness and response plans to the secretary by November 1, 2006. Upon receipt of a plan, the secretary shall approve or reject the plan. When the plan is determined by the department to comply with the requirements and integrate the performance standards established under RCW 70.26.030(1), any additional state or federal funding appropriated in the budget shall be provided to the local health jurisdiction to support the preparedness response activities identified in the plan, based upon a formula developed by the secretary under RCW 70.26.060. Preparedness and response activities include but are not limited to:
(1) Education, information, and outreach, in multiple languages, to increase community preparedness and reduce the spread of the disease should it occur;
(2) Development of materials and systems to be used in the event of a pandemic to keep the public informed about the influenza, the course of the pandemic, and response activities;
(3) Development of the legal documents necessary to facilitate and support the necessary government response;
(4) Training and response drills for local health jurisdiction staff, law enforcement, health care providers, and others with responsibilities identified in the plan;
(5) Enhancement of the communicable disease surveillance system; and
(6) Development of coordination and communication systems among responding agencies.
Where appropriate, these activities shall be coordinated and funded on a regional or statewide basis. The secretary, in consultation with the state director of emergency management, shall provide implementation support and assistance to a local health jurisdiction when the secretary or the local health jurisdiction has concerns regarding a jurisdiction's progress toward implementing its plan.
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