Chapter 70.225 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.225.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.225.020Prescription monitoring programSubject to fundingDuties of dispensers.
HTMLPDF 70.225.025Rules.
HTMLPDF 70.225.030Enhancement of programFeasibility study.
HTMLPDF 70.225.040Confidentiality and exemption from disclosure of prescription monitoring program informationProceduresImmunity when acting in good faith.
HTMLPDF 70.225.045Annual report.
HTMLPDF 70.225.050Department may contract for operation of program.
HTMLPDF 70.225.060ViolationsPenaltiesDisclosure exemption for health care providers.
HTMLPDF 70.225.070Requirements for test sites in the prescription monitoring program.
HTMLPDF 70.225.080Access to data in the qualifying laboratory.
HTMLPDF 70.225.090Integration with certified electronic health record technologies.
HTMLPDF 70.225.900Subheadings not law2007 c 259.